Bank of Ireland – Product Propositions

Bank of Ireland – Product Propositions

Working as a Lead UX designer on two product proposition I engaged in a 12 week piece of work for the Bank of Ireland and the AA though Radical Company. This involved the full end to end UX process

Prototyping & Testing Round 1

Initially I worked with the key stakeholders from the Bank of Ireland to breakdown the customer research that had been completed and figure out the key target markets. This was narrowed down to two different types. Freedom seekers and Life’s too short. The former being careful with their money and very much having a plan while the later being more frivolous and feel that “they only live once” and so money isn’t everything but is very much needed.

From here I created the initial set of wireframes for iPad only, first by hand then in sketch, for the the two propositions (unfortunately these cannot be named for NDA reasons). One proposition was “safe” and building on an old product while the other was very much out there and something completely new. Ensuing that customers were able to quickly and easily understand this proposition was one of the key parts. From here I run workshops with the key stake holders to further flesh the wireframes and improve them before creating a high-fidelity set in Sketch that was linked up using Inivision to create the interactive prototype that was used for the first round of customer testing.

The first round of user testing was held over 4 days testing the propositions with 20 customers. I wrote the discussion guide and ran the sessions that lasted around 45 minutes in length and tested the proposition through the form of the interactive prototype and questioning around the customers thoughts of the proposition idea itself. These insights would then provide valid feedback that was taken forth into the second iteration of the prototype.

Prototyping & Testing Round 2

The second iteration was to be a fully functional fully UI designed HTML prototype. Here I worked with a developer to ensure that my designs were correctly implemented and more importantly that the functionality of the prototype reflected the correct numbers that the stakeholders and customers were expecting to see. I refined my designs in Sketch and used Zeplin to convey these to the developer. This made the development process quick and easy as the developer could easily see the sizes of elements and slice out the assets needed. From here a couple of days of QA was put in on the prototype by myself to ensure that the prototype was ready for the second round of customer research.

The second round of customer research echoed the first with 20 customers being brought in over 4 days to test out the interactive prototype and the ideas of the propositions further. The questions around the proposition ideas had been developed further in conjunction with the stakeholders to further delve into if these were valid and something that was needed by customers. The two prototypes tested extremely well with very valuable insight being taken away. That said the safe proposition did test much better than the one that was a new concept. Some customers struggled to understand where this product fitted into the market and how they would use it. Trying to explain a completely new concept in a short iPad webpage is certainly a challenge without using large amounts of text that we found customers did not read from the first round of testing. That said once the customers did manage to understand the proposition they were very open to it and thought it was a good idea and something that could either see themselves or someone they knew using.

Final Feedback

From here the prototypes were further improved based on the feedback form the second round of customer testing, a schematic analysing on all of the customer testing sessions and a final report was delivered to the client. From here the key stake holders would take these propositions to the management and hopefully get them implemented as full products.

If you would like to see the wireframes, research notes and discussion guides from this project please do not hesitate to get in contact. I just cannot share them publicly due to NDA’s.