Breedr – Field to fork traceability

I worked as the sole lead UX and UI designer with Breedr to bring the project to life from the founders (Ian wheel) concept. The project included the full UX and UI design of an iOS and Android app along side a responsive website. Breedr was set up to ensure that farmers could trace their livestock more easily and provide a marketplace where they could sell their animals.

Traditionally farmers go to physical markets with their animals but this gives them a very limited range of customers and the buyer limited visibility about the animal they are buying and how they have been looked after and cared for. Breedr means that sellers can reach a greater audience and that sellers get better viability of how the animals have been brought up and cared for during their time before market. This includes things like vaccination, illnesses and one of the most importantly how they are grown since birth. Additionally letting the farmer track this gives them greater visibility of how much the animals are potentially going to fetch at market helping them to optimise how the animals are reared.

The experience was developed in Sketch and conveyed to the developers who worked remotely using Sketch cloud and tasks in jira. There was also daily meetings with the developers to explain certain complex interactions. Some example designs can be seen using the links below. For further ones please do not hesitate to contact me. There is quite a few!

Full Desktop V1 Designs – Desktop designs

Mobile App Activity Designs – Mobile Designs