Eli Lilly – HCP Website

Eli Lilly - HCP Website

Eli Lilly enlisted Foolproof to provide the redesign and testing of their HCP (Health Care Professional) website. The project ran in rapid one week iterations of design and testing where new elements were designed Monday to Thursday and tested with respondents on Friday every week.I worked as an interaction designer on this project providing ideas in the design workshops and supporting the lead designer improving ideas. I was in charge of the creation of the initial Axure prototypes and supported the developers coding when the prototypes moved onto HTML/CSS.

Axure Development

Axure was used to create the prototype site for the first 4 weeks of testing. This enabled us to quickly change and test out different elements. It also meant while in testing on Friday’s I could make changes on the fly as problems were noticed. These rapid iterations and changes enabled us to gain valuable insight to bring forward into the next week of design. Sample pages from the first few weeks of Axure prototypes are shown below.The home page is shown left. From the insight it was decided to change this to two separate pages instead of showing the products in a tab under each category.

Below shows two iterations of the product dosing page. It was found that the participants found the layout on the left confusing an hard to navigate. To combat this two menu boxes were added to the right side of the page. This iteration tested much better and was taken through to the final designs.

HTML Prototype

The final product home page design from the HTML prototype is shown left. The products under each category were broken down onto a separate pages as this made it clearer for the HCP’s (Health Care Professionals) and easier to use.The final dosing/information pages were changed to be navigated by indication. This change was made after insight from the HCP’s that found navigating the pages by indication was more logical to them.

Key Insights

Most HCP’s would not use the navigation on the website rather search Google and land on the page with the exact information they wanted.Navigation between information within indications and drugs is key for speed.

Clear and simple layout is a main requirement so HCP’s can extract information quickly.