EpicTV – Shopping Cart

After an initial benchmark it was found that the EpicTV Shop order history was missing some key elements that competitors used. An initial Axure prototype was created adding in the key elements. This was then tested in-house with EpicTV Shop staff and then passed over to graphics who branded and visually represented the pages. Both the prototype and visuals were handed over to the development team to enable them to understand the interactions and visual elements.

Initial Benchmark

Initially a benchmark of EpicTV’s main competitors was conducted. This found that there were key elements missing from the EpicTV Shop order history page. These were buy again CTA, review product CTA and product stock status. It was also found that the current layout was not clear and easy to digest.

Axure Prototype

Axure was used to create wireframes that were then tested in-house with staff. This meant that insight was gained quickly and improvements could be made. The prototype highlighted the interactions between pages and elements and enabled the development team to understand how the user flows through the targeted journeys.

Final UI Visuals