European Tour – UX/UI Redesign

I worked as a Senior UX and UI designer on the redesign of the European tour golf website.

The initial part of the project entailed generating the UX wireframes for each section of the site alongside a junior UX designer who I managed. The wireframes we created we presented to the client in a selection of check points to gain sign of and move them into the visual design stage.

Once we had finished all the wireframes for the website and app I was brought into he visual design team to create the final designs for the website. At this stage we already had a design system in place which the client had signed off. This ensured all design maintained consistency.

A few complication within the project were the long list of items we had to abide by for sponsors and how the content was stored on the CMS. One example of this was the Rolex clock had to appear at the top (above the fold) on every page to satisfy the sponsors deal. This alongside ensuring every design was visually pleasing ensured some UI challenges.

Another challenge was the development time. European tour had a very short development time. This meant that all designs had to be kept to a real MVP. Unfortunately this didn’t leave much room for including any out there thinking for complicated sections within the visual design and UX. That said we did manage to ensure some elements were included to enhance the user experience like having a changing visual background on the weather section depending on the current conditions. Another was ensuring that the sections were clearly broken down in the sub menu to aid ease of navigation.

This project was thoroughly enjoyable as it was run very much in a start up style while being for a large cooperation. From a UX/UI designer point of view it is refreshing seeing large business taking this approach to new projects.

Below are examples of the weather section which i took from wireframes to full visual design. This section of the site was used by user to identify the current weather conditions as well as the upcoming conditions for the tournament. This could help them better predict the results.

Full designs and UX under NDA, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to view them.