Settled – Online Property Platform

I joined Settled for a 2 month period in charge of their full UX and UI design process. One task I completed while I was there was to improve the on-boarding valuation process. It was found that there was a high drop off rate when users clicked the get valuation button on the home page and the end of the book a valuation flow. The main drop off point was found to be the address finder.

I first assessed the current flow and tested it with users. This found some key problems area of improvement. These were:

  • Style change when in the book valuation flow, feels unfamiliar to the user.
  • Poor copy describing each step.
  • Confusing property details when property is found. From user testing this worried some users.
  • Date time picker cumbersome.
  • Confusing personal detail entry as last step due to copy. Users were unsure why they had to complete this.
  • Next step seemed long and it made the process a little overwhelming.
  • Users wanted to know what information they had entered and easily edit it which was currently not possible without using the browser back button to visit previous steps.

To assess these problems I added these key improvements that can be seen in the design prototypes below.

  • Maintain header nav bar from home page to ensure users feel they haven’t been sent off to a third party site.
  • Improve copy to describe the process better (working with the CX team).
  • Once property is found show location on map rather than details. This tested much better.
  • Speed up the flow with less clicks as it was found from user research users just wanted to get the booking done.
  • Date time picker changed to a calendar rather than drop down to aid quick easy selection.
  • Final step described what is coming next in the process so not to overwhelm the user with too much information.
  • Maintain a booking details section so the user can easily review, edit and see the data they have entered.


Another tasks I worked on while at Settled was the redesign of the homepage pricing calculator to better illustrate the different pricing options users could choose. There were 2 key pricing solutions with options that the user could choose. These were – Pay upfront (£499) / pay on completion (£999).

If the user wanted sale legals added these were an additional £700 charged on completion. Additionally if they wanted buying legals as well, if they were purchasing another property, this would be another additional £900 paid on completion. Rather complicated to show in a simplistic way. My final designs that were tested and validated with users then added to the Settled homepage can be seen below.