Yunojuno – Public briefs

I worked for Yunojuno as a product designer. In my time there I was in charge of creating new product ideas for the current site which would enhance the current experience the user already has.

Yunojuno is a site where freelancers can search and apply for jobs that are posted on a daily basis. This is currently a London only service but they are looking to expand the reach out across the country. This alongside the requirement that they wanted to now show all public briefs to users, currently you only see ones that match your skills, means that there needed to be a new and enhanced way of searching.

It was found that even in London freelancers are quite picky about where they take contracts. This usually depends on travel time from their current location. Thus showing freelancers a map with the location of current contract available was seen as a highly useful development as it would mean that as a user the freelancer would easily decide if a contract was for them based on location. Below are the UX and UI design for the feature.